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Allied has the Right Solution for All Your Stamping Needs

The year was 1946 and the United States had just emerged from the perils of World War II. The nation and its citizens were ready to get down to business and go back to work. American ingenuity was at its finest, and production was about to reach an all time high. Out of this atmosphere was born Allied Tool & Die in Cleveland, Ohio.

A forward thinking company from the very beginning, Allied Tool & Die combines a commitment to quality with an emphasis on dependability and exceptional customer service - guiding principles that have allowed us to successfully navigate the global demand for custom and precision metal stamping for over seventy years. We’ve continued to press forward, focused on the importance of evolving technology and the ever shifting demands of the global marketplace. Times have certainly changed, but some things have stayed the same - quality, precision, expertise, and a strict adherence to the bottom line. We'll manage your custom stamping jobs faithfully and efficiently without cutting any corners.


Since 1946, Allied has been the ideal partner for customers whose metal stampings require extraordinary materials or manufacturing expertise. Allied produces superior stampings from a wide range of materials specializing in spring steel and non-ferrous materials. While providing assistance throughout all phases of design, development, prototyping, production, post processing and shipping, these value added services improve product engineering while simplifying production and reducing cost.

Allied has built a reputation for delivering precision metal stampings for medical, aerospace, consumer products, power equipment, and automotive parts generally built on progressive dies. Our reputation for delivering on time and within budget makes Allied the preferred supplier for jobs requiring extra care, accuracy and competitiveness.


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