stamping services


Precision Metal Stamping

Allied Tool & Die is an efficient, cost effective solution for all your custom, precision stamping needs. Allied will accommodate all of your production requirements with quality tooling designed and built in house at a competitive price.



Our skill, dedication and expertise help Allied maintain a standard of excellence in building progressive dies and assembly tooling. Our in-house shop allows us to reduce down time while delivery times are minimized through planned die change methods, routine die maintenance and well maintained equipment.



From design to fulfillment, establishing a high standard of quality control in the preliminary phases of a project are essential. Our engineering staff will guide you through the design of new parts as well as modifying existing parts.



From concept to end of life, Allied is your source to efficiently handle your stamping project needs. We utilize multiple CAD & CAM (Computer Aided and Manufacturing) platforms in the preliminary stages of production, and collaborate on your designs to produce stampings to meet all your requirements throughout their life cycle.


value added services

Welding, Tapping, Plating, Heat Treating, Powder Coating, Metal Finishing, Assembly, Deburring, Machining, & Laser Cutting - our list of Value Added Services runs the gamut. Partner with Allied - your ally in quality stampings.



In addition to managing your largest production runs, Allied will assist you throughout all phases of design, development, prototyping, post processing and delivery. No worries. We've got your back.


Delivering quality without cutting corners. Achieving outcomes through a legacy of engineering expertise. Remaining consistent with transformations and trends in manufacturing and the global marketplace. For over seventy years we’ve consistently taken projects from the conceptual stages to the final polished deliverable for you. Delivering substantial results that you can feel in the palm of your hand.